Burners of Interest
Burning Man 2023

We all love a show, and the field of lights are packed with sensors and 
networked together to let each Burner be the focus.  The grid consists of
 12 by 12 light sticks, and covers  100' on a side.  The Burner of Interest 
grid will track the movement of at least three Burners or groups, and 
highlight them.  Everything is solar powered.

The image above shows the start of the light display, and the 'simulation' is our first iteration of the light sequence. The lights have 16K color possibilities. The displays will be multiple, simultaneous, and centered on the individual Burners. (These are animated gifs. If they do't play, change your browser settings.)
One Burner
Replay Simulation
Three Burners
Replay Simulation

by Bill Neely

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